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Transporting knowledge

Transporting knowledge

For the ninth consecutive year, TGP participated in the Diploma in Management of Hydrocarbons for officials of state entities.

The Diploma was organized by the Management Committee for Training Resources (CAREC), an institution attached to the Ministry of Energy and Mines, which promotes the transfer of technology and training of personnel in the hydrocarbons sector, in coordination with the University of the Pacific.

The classes were in charge of the managers of TGP and its qualified strategic operator and contemplated different aspects of the operation, from gas pipeline design, pipeline operation and maintenance, to socio-environmental, legal and financial issues ; Providing a space for the transfer of knowledge about the hydrocarbons sector to more than 30 officials from state institutions such as the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Osinergmin, OEFA, among others.

As part of the program, on March 11, students participated in a guided tour of the Lurín base of operations, which included a tour of the control and monitoring room of the system, the cathodic protection field laboratory and the exhibition hall , Where part of the archaeological material rescued during the construction phase of the System is shown.

In this way, the participants were able to reinforce their knowledge about the changing environment of the natural gas industry from the perspective of the Pipeline Transportation System (STD), in order to incorporate strategic decisions in their respective fields of action.