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Transporting education

Transporting education

TGP opened its first mobile educational resource center which will take gaming experiences to different communities in the highlands.

On Thursday March 10th, TGP educa started a new challenge: the opening of the first mobile educational resources center (CRED for its Spanish acronym) in Chiquintirca, Ayacucho. This initiative seeks to bring recreational and educational activities for children, taking advantage of spaces outside of school and so boosting their learning processes.

In the event, TGP celebrated with more than 150 benefited parents and children as well as the town council representatives of the Anco district, authorities from the education unit or La Mar province and communal authorities, who have actively participated in the planning process.

As part of the opening, a demonstrative session of the activities that take place in the mobile CRED was held. 

The vehicle will continue reaching diverse populations in which educates TGP has presence, expanding education spaces available for children.