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Productive vacations

Productive vacations

TGP educa encourages cultural and sportive activities among children in the coast, and opened a Center for Educational Resources in the mountains.

In order to continue working on the development of children during the summer holidays, the team educates TGP initiated workshops of 5 different schools of La Quebrada, Laura Caller, Arena Alta, Baja and Ihuanco Arena, located in Cañete.

Thus, from January 11, 469 children receive mini courses chef, music, dance, theater and sports, which have been enthusiastically received by local people.

Also in the Sierra area, the Educational Resource Center (TRAC) was opened in the town of San Antonio, Community Chiquintirca. This facility is equipped with computers, educational games, books, videos, and other materials for use by both students, teachers and the community in general. And it is expected to be a learning space where cultural activity in the community is promoted.

All this was achieved thanks to the collaboration of authorities, teachers and parents who actively participate in the program.