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Five years without air crashes

Five years without air crashes

About 20,000 tons and more than 106,000 passengers transported safely mark a new milestone in the security management TGP.

On Thursday January 17, TGP celebrated five years with no accidents * involving lost in time aviation activities, which represents a new milestone in the history of our safety management.

"This achievement is the result of the company's ongoing commitment to safety and highlights the professionalism of all staff involved in air operations: air transport coordinators, logistics managers, firefighters, mechanical maintenance, cargo master, preventers , meteorologists and pilots. It is they who daily manage to maintain a safe working environment ". Johnny says Palma, Logistics Manager on the qualified strategic operator of TGP.

As a result, during these 1826 days of uninterrupted work has been achieved transported 106.534 passengers who were 79.383 and 27.151 helicopter plane and 19,744 tons of cargo. To this were necessary 18.438 hours of flight.

Finally, very proud of this achievement, Ricardo Ferreiro, general manager of TGP, congratulated the team and urged them to continue in this line: "as we know, security is never the goal is reached; is advanced and consolidated, but the challenge is always tomorrow. Come for five years!."

* The last event occurred in January 2008 when a Bell 212 helicopter crashed near the KP-50.