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Christmas and culture: 2 roads that join together

Christmas and culture: 2 roads that join together

TGP celebrated Christmas fomenting and revaluing its neighbour’s culture.

Through the years, TPP’s team has developed campaigns on holidays with of the populations of its direct influence area. These aim to share a space of fellowship and shared value to establish a sustainable social relationship. 

For this reason, in December 2016, around 10 events were held that benefited around 8,000 people. These actions congregated 30 different communities located in the coast, the mountains and the jungle of the Transportation System.

As part of the activities, children's shows were presented along with a special treats for the younger ones, with educational and dynamic games, with the central objective of promoting and revalorizing the identity of each region. For that reason, different songs were added to the celebration in the language of the attending population such as Quechua and Matsiguenga, as well as the regional dances with the use of their respective typical dresses.

It should be noted that for the realization and organization of the different events, working together with the community was of the utmost importance. The level of involvement of both parents and local authorities has been key for this initiative, as efforts to develop traditional presentations, the transfer of children to the place, and other actions were added. All this work reaffirms our idea of working as a great team to strengthen ties with the community.